Castle Donington Virus Update

The church has been closed for worship for some months now and we really like to open our church building for private prayer and limited worship, but we won’t be doing so at the present time, because we care about you!

If we did open our Church building for you, it would be a very different place with:-

  • Hand sanitisers at the door.

  • Someone recording your name and address (for contact tracing) wearing a visor .

  • Social distance markings on the floor.

  • Limited use of the pews ensuring 2 metre distance between each of us.

  • No singing or chatting.

  • No fellowship over a cup of tea/coffee.

And even with these precautions in place, and all the risk assessments we have done our view as a church leadership team is that there is an unnecessary risk of you becoming ill

because many of our congregation are in the vulnerable bracket, many with underlying

health conditions.

We don’t want to undo the good that has been done.

Therefore we will not be opening our Building to outside groups before we open for worship

because of the Health and Safety risks that are involved including some of the above points.

However, we will keep the situation under review and when we are in a position to

move forward we will notify all our external users to see if we can again be of service to you, including hopefully at that time re-opening the Grapevine Café.

Your health and safety is our priority. The building may be closed but the church of God’s people are open and be assured that we have been praying for Castle Donington community during this time of challenge and will continue to do so.

If you need further information or support please ring Deacon Barbara Crockett on 07881408488

Deacon Barbara Crockett and the Castle Donington Methodist Church stewards

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